London Mime Festival 10 et 11 Janvier 2015

2 reprèsentations magiques au bord de la Tamise dans le cadre du
London Mime Festival 2015

– Theatre Full Stop 2/01/2015, « …Jérôme Hoffman takes his place at his music station, his home for the duration of the production as he supplies a sci-fi-esque sound track of nuts and bolts trickling down metallic rods and clashing electronic symphonies. A musical scientist continually experimenting and creating different combinations of sounds, Hoffman adds a musical language to an otherwise silent and brooding production… » Theatre Full Stop by Lucy Basaba
– TAT 11/01/2015 « …From tightrope walking to a slip ‘n’ slide, each set piece has a core that is dazzling, the seed of an idea that is expressed with Le Guen’s muscularity and the penetrating percussive force of Hoffman’s music, but everything that clusters around this core is slow and detracts from the quickened pulse of those moments of spectacle… » Tat by Tim Bano

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