« Paris Syndrome » Cie Ex Pgirl / New-York / 2009 2010

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Each year, a dozen or so 30-something Japanese women go to Paris on vacation, only to lose their minds. The six women of Ex.Pgirl take you on a madcap journey to their “Paris »: a riotous world of delusion and wild disappointment.

Conceived and Created by: Bertie Ferdman and Suzi Takahashi in collaboration with: Kiyoko Kashiwagi, Soomi Kim*, Valerie Issembert*, and Elsa Carette
Director: Emma Griffin
Set Designer: Peter Ksander
Lighting Designer: Lucrecia Briceno
Video Designers: Shaun Irons and Lauren Petty
Costume Designer: Suzi Takahashi
Featuring original music by: French Electric duo Labulo (Julien Valette and Jerome Hoffmann)
Sound Designer: Mike Rugnetta
Technical Director: Nathan Lemoine
Production Stage Manager: Melissa Chacon

Ex Pgirls